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Lyric Hearing Aids



Lyric Hearing was the first company to offer a completely invisible hearing aid with extended battery life. The company’s technology was featured on the television show Good Morning America as being a ground-breaking new form of hearing technology that delivers exceptional quality of sound, and can be worn for extended periods.

This new generation of hearing aids can be comfortably worn 24-7 for months at a time. They’re soft, invisible, easy to adjust, and are available in a variety of sizes so they’re certain to fit comfortably in your ear.

Invisible & effortless

Here at San Rafael Hearing Center, one of the main reasons why we recommend Lyric Hearing products is because they offer the first completely-invisible extended-wear hearing aid. Our staff is well-trained by Lyric to place the device in your ear canal, where it rests comfortably 24-7 for up to four months at a time. Of course, there’s no need for any surgery or anesthetics when we place your Lyric hearing aid.

Unlike some other hearing devices, Lyric is placed entirely inside your ear canal, so your ear’s own natural anatomy helps funnel sound directly to your eardrum. This unique design helps reduce or eliminate background noise while it provides exceptionally good sound quality.

Since the hearing aid remains in your ear for months at a time, there’s no daily hassle about removing or placing the device nor changing batteries. Just forget about hearing impairments and focus on spending time listening to your family and friends.

The benefits of Lyric

✓  100% invisible to view

✓  Effortless hearing, easy adjustments

✓  Stays in place during daily activities like exercising, showering, using the telephone and sleeping

✓  No batteries to change, zero maintenance

✓  No daily insertion or removal

Natural sounds are the best

Lyric’s unique design and placement lets the outer ear carry sound directly into your ear canal, which gives you crystal-clear natural sound quality.

In fact, a recent scientific study showed that of all hearing-aid wearers surveyed, 99% of them preferred the comfortable fit of the Lyric hearing aid over their previous device. Further, 95% of wearers preferred Lyric’s sound quality over their previous device, and 96% of them recommend Lyric to a family member or friend.

Lyric lets you live life to its fullest by hearing the most and best sound, and here at San Rafael Hearing Center we can help you determine whether it’s the right choice for your needs. To learn more about Lyric, please contact us today.

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