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Oticon Hearing Aids


Oticon’s corporate slogan is “People First.” Oticon was the first company to introduce a fully-digital hearing aid. In fact, Oticon was launched in 1904 by a Danish businessman, Hans Demant, based on one man’s passion to help his wife regain her hearing. He decided to devote his life to discovering and developing new technologies to help his wife and others with hearing problems.

Today, this company is still focused on using innovation to empower people with hearing impairments, and has continued to lead the way toward even better technologies.

Why do we recommend Oticon?

As mentioned above, Oticon has a long history as a pioneer in hearing technologies. Oticon is one of the largest hearing-technology companies, yet they consistently remain focused on putting “people first” in their business.

People first

Today, with 110 years of helping people hear, Oticon is still guided by the vision of its founder. To ensure that his mission is fulfilled, the Oticon Foundation oversees the direction and growth of Oticon and its affiliates. The Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that Oticon keeps a straight course in helping people with hearing impairments while improving the science of hearing.

Top technologies for better hearing

Beyond Oticon’s compassionate vision, the company also boasts leading technologies. Since the very earliest days of hearing aids, Oticon has led the way toward more natural-sounding hearing aids with better ability to distinguish between different voices in noisy locations. Today, the company holds many patents for advanced hearing technologies, and their products reflect this leadership.