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Phonak Hearing Aids



Phonak has been providing unique solutions for difficult hearing problems for more than 60 years. Phonak hearing aids are available in several models, which are designed to be well-fitting, virtually invisible, and effective in helping users distinguish conversation and other important sounds in noisy environments.

In addition to hearing aids for adults, Phonak is known for superior pediatric hearing aids, which help children better participate in the world of sound around them. And beyond hearing aids, the company also offers a complete line of wireless accessories to improve your hearing even under the most challenging conditions.

Targeted solutions for each type of hearing impairment

At San Rafael Hearing Center, we often recommend and dispense Phonak hearing aids. That’s because Phonak offers a complete line of top-quality products which provide specific solutions for each different type of hearing problem.

Also, the quality of Phonak’s products clearly shows the corporate values behind them. Phonak staff are passionate about understanding the challenges that you face because of hearing loss, and they’re dedicated to bringing you the rich soundscapes that you deserve to hear.

Learn more about Phonak products

We work closely with Phonak to ensure that you receive the best solution to meet your hearing needs. To see the quality of Phonak products and learn about your options for better hearing, please contact us today.