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ReSound has been serving people with hearing difficulties since 1943. Their mission is to make products that are easy to use and which rival natural hearing. ReSound has set many milestones, including creating the first digital hearing aid. And, the company produces hearing aids that can connect directly to iPhone®, iPod® and iPad® models.

Hearing technology leadership

ReSound is known for introducing several hearing-technology breakthroughs: Wide Range Dynamic Compression (WDRC), as well as Digital Feedback Suppression (DFS) which eliminates “howling” and other sound distortions.

ReSound is also credited with inventing the first digital chip to feature an open standard for development. This made possible independent programming so that more people could benefit from then-new hearing technologies.

As well, with the introduction of the ReSound AIR technology the company has launched a new generation of hearing devices that provide more natural sound while eliminating the old problem of discomfort from plugging the ear canal. You’ll hear better and feel better.

Although ReSound is an international company headquartered in Denmark and with operations in more than 80 countries, they maintain an especially strong presence here in the U.S.

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At San Rafael Hearing Center, we’re glad to be able to offer ReSound products to our patients. To see ReSound hearing devices on display here in the Tucson area and learn more about your options for better hearing, just visit us.

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