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Starkey Hearing Aids


Starkey Hearing Technologies was founded in 1967, and today it remains committed to providing hearing-impaired people with sturdy, cost-effective devices that bring rich sounds back into their lives.

Beyond innovative technologies, the company is also well-known for its commitment to improving the hearing of people in developing nations, with more than 1 million hearing aids donated worldwide to date. And, Starkey prides itself on using all American-made craftsmanship in its products.

Starkey delivers more

Starkey delivers more than just better hearing. The company’s products also provide clearer communication, more participation, and more opportunities for hearing-aid wearers to do what they enjoy doing.

Starkey is committed to constant technological improvement with a sharp focus on bettering the quality of hearing. Starkey research and design professionals seek steady, practical design upgrades that make a measurable difference in hearing quality.

And, the company always benchmarks products against other hearing aids, to ensure that Starkey products are truly among the best hearing aids available to you.

To learn more, visit Starkey products website.

We’re very pleased to offer Starkey products here at San Rafael Hearing Center. If you want to explore the options for improving the quality and clarity of your hearing, just contact us.

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