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Widex prides itself on its wireless technology and other design features which bring true-to-life sound to your ears. And, the company’s products are designed to work in crowded environments with a wide range of other presentation technologies, so hearing-aid users can participate in classroom discussions, church services, and other situations where users must distinguish between multiple voices and other confusing, mixed sounds.

Widex has a long history of technological ingenuity. The company was founded at the end of World War II by two U.S. Navy veterans who had learned some sophisticated (at the time top-secret) audio technologies developed for wartime use. Today, Widex continues to provide clever solutions for serious hearing problems.


San Rafael Hearing Center is proud to offer Widex products because of the company’s core values of originality, reliability and perseverance. Widex doesn’t follow the beaten path, and as a result the company has its own audiological identity with unique solutions for people affected by hearing impairments.

Over the years, Widex has created a solid foundation for educational cooperation and research that allows the company to find and nurture good ideas for new hearing technologies. Most importantly, Widex builds superior reliability into each hearing aid, so that it will perform under the most challenging conditions.

From its wartime origins with American ex-military entrepreneurs, Widex has continued to grow and expand. Today, with more than 50 years of experience, the company serves the hearing needs of people worldwide.

During their continuous search for newer and better hearing-aid designs, the company has managed to create products which provide near-natural hearing. Their technologies include revolutionary wireless systems which extend the range and clarity of sounds, and numerous other advances that improve hearing-aid wearers’ lives.

To learn more about Widex hearing products, please visit the Widex website.

San Rafael Hearing Center is Tucson’s leading distributor of Widex products. If you’d like to find out more about the features and benefits of these top-quality hearing aids, please contact us.Bottom of Form

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