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Tucson Hearing Center

What to Expect

what_to_expectWe believe that knowledge and preparation are the keys to success in hearing-healthcare. When you visit us, here’s what to expect:

First, we’ll take a detailed history by asking a series of questions about your work, medical conditions and personal life as related to your hearing. Next, we’ll perform a careful physical examination of your ears. Armed with the latest technology, we can usually quickly find any medical issues.

The “hearing test” starts with Pure Tone Audiometry, in which we measure your hearing by playing precise tones. By doing so, we can learn how loud sounds must be before you hear them. And, Impedance Audiometry testing can tell us how well your eardrum, middle ear and other parts are working.

Going further, we also use Speech Audiometry to determine how loud speech must be in order for you to understand the exact words. And, to ensure that you have enough knowledge to make the best decisions, we explain and discuss everything with you.

Successful hearing healthcare requires a strong partnership between patient and provider, and we’ll work hard to earn your trust while we help improve your hearing.

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