Patient Stories

What patients and their families say about us:

Instead of telling you about our successes in helping people improve their hearing, we’d like you to hear directly from patients and families:

Dave helped my mom by giving me phone tips on how to fix her hearing aid. I was able to fix the problem, and my mom extremely happy. This saved me a trip in from Nogales, and calmed my mom so she was not sad about her hearing loss.

Gilbert,  5/17/2013

I called in to pay a bill, and was very appreciative of how kind Riley was to work out a payment plan.  Also, I was very appreciative of Riley’s expertise to select the right HA configuration.

Ed,  5/17/2013

I burst out in tears of gratitude thanking Riley for his kindness and for giving me my ability to  hear again.

Barbara, 5/17/2013

I love my hearing aids; I was in a noisy restaurant at a function with back to glass, and was able to hear the speaker without any distractions from surrounding noise.  I love the service Riley has provided, and that he made sure she got the most out of her warranty.

Betty, 5/29/2013

I only want my dad, Robert, to see Riley.  I am a caregiver by occupation and Riley is the kindest, most patient and gentle provider I have ever seen.  If the world had more people like Riley in it, it would be a perfect place.

Pauline, 5/31/2013

Having lived with my new Oticon hearing aids for more than two months, I want to report that they have given me some unexpected positive rewards.  Not only do  I hear low and high notes that I haven’t heard for serval months, maybe years, but  I enjoy playing my piano again, experience the birdsongs of early morning that I had forgotten, and find that my Kitty is more of a talker than I knew her to be two years ago as a kitten.

But the most pronounced change in my life that I have experienced has been the disappearance of a depression that has plagued me, for no apparent reason, for the past two years.  Now I believe it to have been a result of the loss of hearing that I was really not aware of, a faculty that had disappeared so gradually it was beyond my notice.

This return to living optimistically has had a profound effect on my outloook: totally unexpected and therefor experienced as a gift from the Universe.  It makes turning 79 an acceptable event; I look forward to the next “project” that I might find in my path.

As a retired Social Worker, I have worked with many depressed clients, so I am aware of how pernicious depression can be in an individual’s life.  However, in my academic training and professional practice, not once was hearing loss presented or thought of as a cause for depression.  One would hope that this common experience could receive more attention by the helping professions, and more awareness by the general population as a factor in human affliction.  Thank you for your part in my recovery of this precious gift.

Doris, June 13, 2012

James, 87 yrs old, has terminal leukemia and is in hospice.  He was diagnosed 5 years ago and of the last few months has deteriorated significantly.   At his last round at the hospital, the staff lost his right-ear hearing aid.  His wife, Jeanne, called in with a desperate request of a replacement.  Riley found a replacement quickly and she was able to give it to James while in the hospital.  James was so lifted by the kindness and being able to hear, he was able to recover well enough to go home for bed rest.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Your service and kindness to James over the years has been a blessing during very troubled times.  I cannot express my appreciation enough.  I want you to know that James is home now, he is not long for this earth but is at ease now that he can hear.”

Jeanne, July 19, 2013

I would be happy to recommend Stacey Trepanier as a first-rate audiologist!  She has happily solved a long standing hearing problem, much to my delight.

Jean, 7/31/2013